Who We Are

PASS is a 100% volunteer based program. Without our amazing volunteers we would not be able to run smooth, fun filled, soccer sessions for the adaptive community. We use the game of soccer to help bring the players together, through one-on-one activities that grow into group activities. Many of our players struggle in group participation, by having a volunteer per player we are able to lower the stress of group involvement. As players get more comfortable they start to enjoy being a group and then breaking off into small sided teams. Our goal for all the players is that they have fun, they learn some soccer, and grow as an individual. During our sessions we encourage the families/care givers to sit, relax, and just enjoy being in the cheering section. We want to give these families/care givers a small respite every week. To bless them as well as their player. We run a 7 week fall season and a 7 week spring season, meeting on Wednesday nights. At time we add in Jamborees, Saturday games, etc throughout the season to build on and enhance the soccer experience for the players.